About Animal Insight

Animal Insight is a leading supplier of wild and domestic animals for the film and television industry. We have an impressive, proven track record and offer qualified coordinators as well as a team of talented trainers and reliable animals. We are committed to providing exceptional work at reasonable rates which is why 85% of our business is repeat and referral.


"The people at Animal Insight understand the needs of the film business and handle their animals with great care and consideration. It's a pleasure to do business with them."

Brad Van Arragon - Production Manager / Producer

Our projects with Brad include:
Best Player, Ramona & Beezus, Juno, Jennifer's Body, The Cult, White Noise II, The Wicker Man, Suspense Theatre, Saved (pilot) and The Chris Isaak Show.

"I wrote Backcountry three years ago and was always worried that in order to make the film work I needed to deal with a real black bear. After speaking with Dana and then finally meeting Charlie and Chester my concerns faded in an instant.

Charlie and Chester were incredible, I was beside myself at the end of the shoot that I captured all that I needed as a Director. This of course is not only a testament to the bears but of course to Dana and her team. They were exceptionally professional, dedicated and focused. The animals were treated with the utmost respect and care. The trainers and animals were in complete synergy, beautiful to witness. Selfishly I can say that Dana was as attentive to them as she was with my vision for the shots we needed, for which I'm forever grateful.

No crew member on set felt uncomfortable with the bears around thanks to Dana's clear and precise interactions prior to shooting, which was honestly such a thrill! I usually don't write recommendation letters but I had to jump at the chance for Chester and Charlie, I honestly can't express how impressed I was."

Adam MacDonald - Writer / Director

"Wow! I have just been screening the rushes and can only say how thrilled I am with your great work on Winnie and the amazing results that Chester and Charlie have given us. I can see we have a film to be very proud of and I wanted to express to you that your enormous contribution is much, much appreciated. This is, after all, a film called A Bear Named Winnie - so I hope you are happy with the career debuts of your little stars in the title role. Your achievements have been widely recognized and valued by all the cast and crew who have been unendingly impressed by your talent, commitment and general good humor. You made the impossible possible and then some."

Simon Vaughan - UK Producer of A Bear Named Winnie.

"Animal Insight are the only people I call when I need an animal for a commercial. Not only do they have access to any type of animal, but when they say the animal will do what you need I never think about it again. I recommend Animal Insight to everybody who is looking for an animal for anything to do with the film and entertainment business."

Kristian Andresen - Production Manager / Producer

Our projects with Kristian include commercials for: Kia, Western Canada Lotteries, Mountain Dew, Luvs, Coast Capital Savings, 3 Musketeers, Toyota and Aleve.

"I am a veterinarian in private practice who works daily with a wide range of domestic and exotic species in a variety of different settings. During my twenty five years as a mixed practitioner I have also dealt with an equally diverse range of clients, from some of the best to some of the worst. I can state without hesitation that the entire staff at 'Animal Insight' rank among the best. They are kind and compassionate to all of their animals, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. They treat their animals with love, affection and respect and their training methods reflect these beliefs. The facilities where the animals are housed are spotlessly clean at all times and every animal in their care is provided with the best and most appropriate diet. Furthermore, they never hesitate to provide any and all of their animals with the best possible medical care. Cost has never been an issue. All they have ever requested from me is that their animals are provided with the best possible veterinary care. Animal Insight is a first-class animal training company."

Dr. Bruce Burton DVM - Burton Veterinary Services

Animal Insight Wild and Domestic Animals for Film, TV and Commercials

A note from the team at Animal Insight:

While we are extremely proud of our accomplishments in the entertainment industry, we are most proud of the quality of care that we provide to our animals. This aspect of our business is important to different people for different reasons. It is important to us because we are genuinely attached to each and every one of our animals and their mental and physical well being is our top priority.

Quality care is important to production companies because a happy, healthy, well socialized, loved animal is better equipped to handle the challenges of set and will therefore deliver a superior performance. We are committed to ensuring that working with animals on a film set is a positive experience for the animal and for the cast and crew.

Our quality care includes:

Animal Insight Wild and Domestic Animals for Film, TV and Commercials