What is Live Casino?

live casino

Live casino is a real-time online casino game that connects players to a real human dealer via video feed. It’s available at top online casinos and can be played on a computer, mobile device, or tablet. It offers the most realistic experience outside of a land-based casino. The games are streamed in HD and you can interact with other players, dealers, and croupiers through the chat option. This makes it more social and gives the Las Vegas vibe to your casino playing experience.

To play a live casino game, you start by visiting the website of your chosen online casino and scrolling through its live lobby, much like scoping out a game on the floor of a retail casino. Once you find your game of choice, click on it and you’ll be taken to a table with open seats. The croupier or dealer will then greet you and you can begin playing. Most of these games are played with other players while some have you play against the dealer alone.

The rules of live casino are the same as those of standard online casino games, with a few exceptions. The main difference is that the dealers are real and they determine the outcomes of each hand based on their own choices, not the software. They also follow strict rules and regulations to ensure fairness in their dealings. They’re also trained to capture the attention of each player and make them feel as though they are in a real casino environment.

Another important aspect of live casino is the speed and efficiency of the game. Most reputable online casinos strive to optimize the gameplay and reduce the time it takes to complete a session. This is particularly true for online blackjack with a live dealer, where there are often dozens or even hundreds of players trying to place their bets at the same time.

The other factor that influences the speed and efficiency of live casino is the graphics. These are the first thing that gamers see when they visit a site and subpar graphics will turn them away quickly. As such, online casino designers must focus on optimizing the graphics and ensuring that they are high-quality and easy to read.

There are many other factors that influence the speed and efficiency of live casino, including the number of players, their skills level, and whether they’re beginners or veterans. Moreover, the dealers themselves must be trained to deal with each type of game and understand all the current rules and laws regarding gambling. They must also be familiar with the casino software that they’re working on and have a good understanding of how it works. Additionally, the games must be equipped with a GCU (Game Control Unit) to translate their physical transactions into digital data. This process is done through a special piece of software. Consequently, the process is very time-consuming and takes up a lot of space in the server.